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Blast weeds naturally with ecofective

Ecofective Weed Blast
Ecofective Weed Blast

An easy fix for troublesome weeds

Weeds are starting to germinate as the temperature rises and rather than poison your soil with artificial weedkillers, there’s now an effective, ready to use, natural spray treatment to tackle unwanted plants in the patio, path, and borders.

Ecofective Weed Blast is made using natural food-grade ingredients, one of Sipcam UK’s new ecofective range of products, designed to be kinder to the environment than conventional chemicals.

After application, directly onto the weed, visible results can be seen after just one hour. It’s not temperature reliant so can be used all year round.

The active ingredient is acetic acid, with a patented co-formulation of natural ingredients that significantly increases the effectiveness of the acid’s effect on the weed.

Ideal for controlling annual and perennial weeds, ecofective Weed Blast dries quickly, leaving the treated ground safe to be seeded or planted 24 hours after application – as well as being harmless to pets and children.

Safety of family and pets

“With so many weed killers available, I think the ‘Which one should I use?’ decision can sometimes be difficult, particularly when people are considering varying factors like the safety of their family and pets, residual contamination, and how long it can take to see results,” said Matt Jones from Sipcam UK.

“We have hopefully made that choice easy with ecofective Weed Blast; a simple, natural formula that swiftly treats the weed or moss, without any residual contamination concerns. From the packaging to the use of the product, we have considered every aspect to make sure it is kind to the environment and safe to use for those that love their garden.”

The ecofective Weed Blast is part of a full range of environmentally sensitive weed, feed and control products in the new ecofective range launched for the 2017 season.

Ecofective Weed Blast 1 litre Ready to Use spray £4.99 or 4 litre spray £17.99, available in garden centres, Homebase and Amazon, www.ecofective.uk.com.

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