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Urban Flowers book competition and review

2 copies to be won of best gardening book of the year

Urban FlowersI’ve reviewed a lot of gardening books this year but the best so far is Urban Flowers: Creating Abundance in a Small City Garden – and I have two copies to win in this week’s competition.

Written by Carolyn Dunster with photographs by Jason Ingram and published by Frances Lincoln, the book is available to buy from April 6.

The reason I like it so much is that it is truly inspirational to all – it gives simple, cheap but stylish upcycling tips to people with no gardening ability.

There are also innovative design ideas to spark the interest of jaded old hacks like me. Carolyn urges you to be yourself and reflect your style – after all, we’re quite happy to do this in our interiors or clothes but few of us do it outdoors.

It also encourages the reader to make use of the smallest urban space to make a pretty and/or productive mini-garden, and then shows you how to go one step further by using edible plants in recipes or making gifts from your produce.

There’s a real air injecting a dose of nature into the city, using containers as varied as plastic trugs, tin cans, and hessian sacks.

There are even projects to undertake at different times of the year, plus guides on using colour if you’re creatively inclined.

To sum up, if you’re a non-gardener, this is a great entry level book and very fitting it is available in time for National Gardening Week (April 10-16).

Carolyn said:    “I am lucky to live a flower-filled life. I grow as many flowers as possible in a small inner-city garden cramming every available space with pots and planters that change with the seasons.

“From cultivating courtyard gardens to planting window boxes or growing vertically against walls and up drainpipes, there are lots of easy-to-follow projects that will inspire you to do this.”

Urban Flowers is published in hardback and costs £20 – but here’s how you can win a copy. To enter the competition, simply retweet #UrbanFlowers on the MandyCanUDigIt Twitter account, or share the post on the MandyCanUDigIt Facebook page. Competition closes at midnight on Monday, April 10, with the winner announced on Tuesday, April 11.

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