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Rude Botany T-shirts

Rude Botany
Ooh, matron... T-shirt from Rude Botany

Smutty but botanically accurate garments…

Without a doubt, these T-shirts and sweatshirts from Rude Botany are on to a winner (for the likes of me anyway) and score 10 out of 10 on the snigger-fest scale.

Rude but real plant Latin names satisfy my not-so-inner nerd and rebel – if anyone objects, you’re only displaying a plant’s name on your chest!

With a large dose of seaside postcard humour, the selection includes my all-time favourite Rubus cockburnianus (a white-stemmed bramble), Lilium superbum (lily) and Clitoria ternatea (Asian pigeonwings)!

The brainchild of Michael Perry, aka Mr Plant Geek, he’s been responsible for introducing hundreds of new plants to the UK, including the Egg and Chips plant (aubergine/potato grafted plant) and the edible Fuchsia Berry for Thompson & Morgan.

All T-shirts come in a choice of 17 colours such as Flame Orange, Sun Yellow, and Kelly Green.

T-shirts cost £19.99 each, in men’s (S-5XL) and women’s sizes (S-3XL).  Hoodies in Charcoal Grey and Heather Blue cost £27.99.

To find out more about the T-shirts, visit www.rudebotany.com – you can find Michael at www.mrplantgeek.com and on Twitter at @mr_plantgeek.

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