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Year of the bean: climbing French bean Cobra

Climbing French bean Cobra
Climbing French bean Cobra. Picture; DT Brown

DT Brown claims sales have rocketed of popular bean

Climbing French bean Cobra has been revealed as DT Brown’s best-selling bean from September 2016 to March 2017, with sales having risen by 35 per cent compared with the same period last season.

“Cobra has always been really popular with our customers”, said DT Brown’s Tim Jeffries, “but this season sales have gone through the roof!”

Overall, sales of climbing French beans have risen by 44 per cent, dwarf French beans by ten per cent and runner beans by five per cent. Only broad beans have experienced a slight dip, with sales down by three per cent.

Sales up

“Total bean sales are up by nine per cent, which is encouraging with 2017 having been nominated ‘Year of the bean’ throughout Europe”, said Tim.

The rest of DT Brown’s top five selling beans are all runners, with Firestorm second, Benchmaster third, Moonlight fourth and White Lady in fifth place.

“While climbing French beans were once the ‘poor relation’, Cobra has changed all that in recent years, as it is outstanding in all respects, and is ornamental enough for a flower border”, Tim added.

There is still time to sow most beans, so if you would like a catalogue, write to DT Brown Seeds, Bury Road, Newmarket CB8 7PQ, telephone 0845 371 05 32, or visit www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk.

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