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Get kids growing with Little Gardeners

The Little Gardeners Range. Picture; Johnsons
The Little Gardeners Range. Picture; Johnsons

Johnsons range is ideal for urban beginners with no garden

Despite today’s foul weather, it is really supposed to be spring and it’s forecast to get better by the weekend – what better time to get kids interested in gardening?

Let them help you, give them their own little patch and if you haven’t got a garden, a plant pot, some compost, and seeds is all you need to kindle a lifelong love of gardening.

One ideal range is Little Gardeners from Johnsons, with easy-to-grow flower and vegetable seeds, which includes Pretty Calendulas and Egg Heads Cress.

Inspiring children

Aimed at helping parents and grandparents to inspire the next generation of gardeners, the collection also includes Seed Starter Pots, My First Growing Game, Complete Grow Kits, My First Mini Greenhouse, Indoor Cress Garden and Flower Mixes.

All come with comprehensive, easy-to-follow instructions, so you don’t have to have any gardening knowledge either.

The Little Gardeners Range. Picture; Johnsons
The Little Gardeners Range. Picture; Johnsons

A popular variety in the range is sunflower Sunny Giant, which demonstrates just how quick it can be to grow flowers from seed. Kids can have a competition with friends to see who can grow the tallest sunflower – leave the seed heads on their plants as a source of food for wild birds in autumn.

Little Gardeners even has its own website (www.little-gardeners.co.uk), which combines fun and facts with easy-to-navigate areas such as the Fun Zone, Little Gardeners’ Academy, plus a Meet the Gang page.

Johnsons range of seeds is available from garden centres, supermarkets and leading DIY stores throughout the UK and at www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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