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Growing kiwi fruit: a perfect pairing

Kiwi Hayward
Kiwi Hayward. Picture; Lubera

Why it takes two to make kiwi fruit

Love kiwi fruit? Then you need this perfect pairing from fruit specialists Lubera. The kiwi is not self-fertile, so needs male and female plants to set and bear fruit.

Female Kiwi Hayward has a great partner in the male Kiwi Tomuri. Hayward and Tomuri take a while to get going (don’t we all) but once established, there is a regular yield every year of large fruits.

And you don’t have to wait as long for fruit as standard kiwis – thanks to propagation by cuttings, Lubera’s kiwis now start to bear fruit earlier (after two to four years).

Here are the facts on the couple:

Kiwi flowers
Kiwi flowers. Picture; Lubera

Kiwi Hayward (female)
Maturity: From the end of October, early November
Fruits: Very large, drum-shaped fruits.
Flavour: Better than shop bought.
Yield: Due to the high fertility, the kiwi plants should be thinned out; leave one fruit only every 20cm.
Growth/health: In the first years, winter protection is advised.
Botanical name: Actinidia chinensis/deliciosa.
Price: On a bamboo stake in a 5l pot, approx. 1.2m, price £17.40.

Kiwi Tomuri (male)
Growth/health: Medium strong, healthy.
Care: Prune as little as possible in the early years; only when the pollinator plant has begun to bloom, then it can be kept somewhat smaller.
Botanical name: Actinidia chinensis/deliciosa.
Price: On a bamboo stake in a 5l pot, approx. 1.2m: price £17.40.

For more details, visit www.lubera.co.uk.

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