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50 packets of free seeds up for grabs!

Nasturtium Ladybird Rose
Nasturtium Ladybird Rose. Picture; Plants of Distinction

Seeds for first 50 gardeners to email Plants of Distinction

Papaver Lauren's Grape
Papaver Lauren’s Grape. Picture; Plants of Distinction

Heads up folks – the first 50 gardeners to respond to this offer can claim a free packet of seeds from Plants of Distinction.

The company has been introducing lots of new varieties this season and this is your chance to bag a packet of Nasturtium Ladybird Rose (worth £2.65) or poppy Lauren’s Grape (worth £2.25).

Nasturtium Ladybird Rose: New and unique colour break, with dusky rose flowers and dark ladybird spots.

Papaver Lauren’s Grape: Huge cup-shaped flowers in deep plum with five distinct black eyes in the throat.

All you have to do is email info@plantsofdistinction.co.uk, stating your preferred packet of seeds and quoting MANDYCANUDIGIT.COM as where you saw the offer, with your name and full address.

For further information on the plants, visit www.plantsofdistinction.co.uk – and good luck!

Other new flower varieties

Calendula Kinglet Mixed: Several generations ahead of the Kalinkas. Very high percentage of crested flowers with dense pincushion centres, multiple rows of broad petals in apricot, deep lemon and Seville orange. Absolutely gorgeous as a cut flower and often not recognised as a Calendula. Height: 2′, price £2.35 for 150 seeds.

Zinnia Double Zahara Mixed: Double crowned, almost spherical in shape – cherry, fire, yellow, pink and white flowers. Height: 18-24″, price £3.75 for 30 seeds.

Echinacea Green Twister: Unique and colourful with green petals of varying depths and many of them blushed pink, price £3.65 for 12 seeds.

Sweet pea Divas: A sparkling mixture of the loudest and best in bright coloured sweet peas, price £2.40 for 20 seeds.

Marigold Fireball: From the same breeding programme as Strawberry Blonde, with multi-coloured blooms on the one plant. Within the mixture will be pillar box red flowers – as the plant ages, the colours change to fiery bronze and then to rusty orange, price £2.95 for 40 seeds.

Pansy Inspire Mulberry Mixed F1: Rich mulberry colours with blue and white make an appealing mixture, each with a black face. Hardy, long lasting and suitable for autumn or spring. Height 6-8″, price £2.55 for 25 seeds.

Zinnia Double Zahara Raspberry Ripple: Powder puff pink with a raspberry stripe down the centre of each petal. Height 20″, price £3.25 for 25 seeds.

Osteospermum Grand Canyon: The first mixture of star-like flowers in colours from yellow to purple, lavender and cream. Height 20″, price £4.65 for 10 seeds.

New vegetables

Pepper Lemon Dream
Pepper Lemon Dream. Picture; Plants of Distinction

Pepper Lemon Dream: Delicious yellow sweet peppers perfect for grilling, sauteing and nibbling raw. Reaching a height no taller than 20″, these plants are ideal for the smaller garden or patio. Price £2.60 for 15 seeds.

Cucumber Goblin: These delicious little 4-6″ cucumbers are perfect for snacking and pickling. Compact, leafy plants look pretty in a patio container and yield up to 55 fruit per plant. Resistant to downy mildew. Price £1.95 for 20 seeds.

Lettuce Little Gem Intred: An upright compact Little Gem with reddish-purple outer leaves and a red heart and flavour, price £2.35 for 250 seeds.

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