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Beamish’s Museums at Night

Beamish fire-eater
Be amazed by the fire-eater at Beamish's Museums at Night celebration

Join the museum’s Grand Georgian Gathering

Beamish will open its doors after hours for A Grand Georgian Gathering to celebrate Museums at Night.

From a fire-eater, food, folk tales, Georgian gardening tips to live music, wand-making and a Georgian gin bar, visitors can enjoy an evening of entertainment on Saturday, May 20.

A Grand Georgian Gathering will be held at Pockerley Old Hall, Waggonway, and St Helen’s Church, with the Squire launching the festivities by lighting a traditional “baal” fire.

Drive a steam engine

Visitors can try their hand at driving a steam engine and enjoy music and dancing with performers such as the King Cole Ceilidh Band.

People can treat themselves to a tipple, including specially-created cocktails, from the Georgian gin bar and there’s a food stall.

Watch the 68th Durham Light Infantry Society’s musket firing demonstrations and discover more about the life of a Napoleonic soldier.

Create a “hag stone” out of clay to keep witches away. You can look the part too by trying on Georgian costume. There’s also the chance to take a guided walk with the packhorse and pick up some tips from the Georgian gardener.

Gemma Stevenson, Beamish’s community events officer, said: “Come and join in our Grand Georgian Gathering, as Beamish comes alive after hours to celebrate Museums at Night.

“We’ve got an amazing evening of music, dancing, food, and lots of fun lined up. There’s so much for everyone to see and do in our Georgian Landscape – definitely a night not to be missed!”

Celebrate culture and heritage

Museums at Night sees museums and galleries across the UK open after hours to celebrate culture and heritage in a festival co-ordinated by arts charity Culture 24.

Beamish’s Museums at Night – A Grand Georgian Gathering takes place on Saturday, May 20, from 6pm to 9.30pm. Tickets are £5 each (under 5s free) and are available from www.beamish.org.uk.

This is a separately ticketed event, so Beamish Unlimited Passes cannot be used. Steam engine driving is for over 18s only and height restrictions and a small extra charge also apply.

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