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10 affordable tips for a glamorous garden

Cow art
Liven up your garden with a dash of colour. Picture; White Stores

Jazz up your garden on a budget with furniture and decoration

Gardens are a great blessing during the summer months but it’s also something you want to enjoy all year round… without costing an arm and a leg. Flowers and plants often cost a small fortune for something that only blooms during one season.

However, it is possible to create a glamorous garden using furniture and decoration. The cost benefit of this is that they last for many years and you do not need to replace them every season!

White Stores has revealed its top 10 affordable tips for creating a glamorous garden:

Add garden furniture: A rattan furniture dining set is something that can be enjoyed year in, year out. Not only do the sets look stylish but they are also resistant to rust and last for years, helping your garden to look welcoming regardless of the season. Click here to browse rattan dining sets.

Spruce up your garden furniture with scatter cushions: Add a vibrant variety of scatter cushions to your garden! A few colourful cushions will brighten up your garden in no time, and make seating more comfortable (don’t forget to bring them in when it rains.) Click here to browse outdoor scatter cushions.

Warm the cobbles: Electric patio heaters are ideal when the nights draw in and it starts to get a bit colder. Extend your time spent in the garden and they also double up as an outdoor light.

Enjoy the light show: Garden lanterns are ideal for bringing a touch of glamour to your garden. Hang them from a tree or stand them on a table top. There are plenty of options such as solar lanterns or candle holders.

Get arty: White Stores offers colourful garden art made from recyclable metals. This means that every piece is a one-off. Add one of these to your patio or your flower bed and be the envy of all your friends.

Liven up your fences: Give yourself something to look at other than boring wooden slats by hanging some wall art. Surprisingly affordable, it is fun to add a metal wall piece to your garden. Think of them as weatherproof artwork!

Switch it up: What’s more glamorous than an outdoor sound system to liven up parties or play your favourite whale noises whilst practising yoga? Whatever you’re doing, outdoor speakers are an excellent choice. Wireless and portable speakers are a perfect solution as opposed to tripping over wires or using a smaller speaker which doesn’t quite have enough oomph. The SoundScene Speaker, designed for White Stores, is purpose-built for use outdoors.

No more hassle: Got a small space? Grass too difficult to maintain? Artificial grass will be your new best friend. Helping to keep your garden looking fresh and maintained all year round with minimal effort required on your part, there’s a grass choice for everyone.

Restore the ambience: Have you got kids who like to play outside but you’re not a fan of their toys ruining the style of your garden? Or do you not have anywhere to store your garden furniture cushions indoors? Invest in a storage box – with options varying in style and price it is easy to find the right one for you.

Stick to a colour scheme: Like inside the house, your garden will look best if you stick to a colour scheme, whether it’s bright and colourful, or neutral and natural, choose your colours carefully – too many hues can be harsh on the eye.

For more information, visit www.whitestores.co.uk.


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