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Buy your dad a shed for Father’s Day

Apex 6' x 4' shed
Apex 6' x 4' shed. Picture; The Forest Garden

Give him his own special hidey-hole

Tall Garden Store
Tall Garden Store. Picture; The Forest Garden

Before you buy yet another tie for your dad this Father’s Day (Sunday, June 18), why not club together with brothers and sisters to give him the ultimate man gift – a shed.

Every man needs a bolthole to hide in, somewhere to store his garden tools, a place to relax outside with the family or somewhere to start growing fruit and vegetables, and Forest Garden has a good range of timber garden products.

For DIY dads who like handy space to store their gardening tools and equipment, Forest’s Tall Garden Store offers a compact storage solution.

It features two shelves, allowing plenty of space at the bottom to accommodate larger items such as garden forks and spades, while the smaller area above is perfect for things such as watering cans and plant pots.

Forest’s 6′ x 4′ Apex Shed, with a weatherproof felted roof and hard-wearing floor, offers him even more practical storage space and makes the ideal home for larger gardening equipment.

If your dad is a keen gardener, the Caledonian Trough is great for creating extra growing areas, particularly in gardens where space is at a premium.

It can hold approximately 250L of compost and is perfect for a vegetable plot or herb garden. The timber is pressure treated and can be painted to compliment or contrast with any garden colour scheme.

Alternatively, if your dad is an al fresco foodie, the Dining Pergola is perfect to create a seating area for the whole family to get together to relax and celebrate your dad and not just on Father’s Day!

Forest Garden uses only FSC approved timber and the new products set standards in design, creativity, and durability.

To ensure that the products remain looking pristine and will last, they are professionally treated and have either 10-year or 15-year anti-rot guarantees.

The Caledonian Trough retails at £104.99. The Tall Garden Store retails at £259.99 and Forest’s 6×4 Apex Shed retails at £199.99. The Dining Pergola retails at £429.99.

Products are available nationwide from high street multiples and garden centres, for more information, visit www.forestgarden.co.uk.

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