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Create bee-friendly gardens with ecofective

Rose Defender
Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective

Defender Range safe for children, pets, and pollinators

Bees on lavender. Picture; Vanessa Sundin
Bees on lavender. Picture; Vanessa Sundin

With bees under threat, gardeners are looking for pest control products that are not harmful to bumble and honey bees that are responsible for pollinating nearly 85 per cent of our food crops.

The ecofective Defender range can help to keep your garden disease and pest-free garden yet not harm the vital pollinators.

The Rose Defender, Plant Defender, and House Plant Defender are formulated to be kind to the environment and safe for bees, as well as children and pets.

Rose Defender: Containing a blend of safe physical control surfactants, it provides full protection and control without the use of pesticides. Ideal for controlling whitefly, aphid, red spider mite, mealybug and scale insects. The formulation acts by turning the bugs sticky and unable to move and feed, without making the plant sticky.  It also removes powdery mildew spores and adds nutrients through the leaves.

Plant Defender: A pesticide-free, ready-to-use spray treatment, its natural formula tackles most pests.  It does not contain any specific active ingredient/poison, but a blend of surfactants forces bugs to stop moving and feeding.  You can spray fruit and vegetables and they will be safe to eat the next day.

Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective
Rose Defender. Picture; ecofective

House Plant Defender: Encourages the growth of flowers, with a blend of safe physical control surfactants without the use of pesticides.

Matt Jones, from Sipcam UK, which makes ecofective products, said: “Bees play a vital role in the life cycle of plants and flowers. It is often not realised just how easy it is to hinder their effectiveness as crop pollinators and so we all have a responsibility to protect them from harmful chemicals.

“The ecofective Defender range uses only 100 per cent naturally-derived ingredients and children and pets need not be excluded from the treated areas.”

The ecofective Defender range is part of a new collection of environmentally sensitive weed, feed and control products.  Other products include a Bug Killer, garlic-free Cat & Dog Repellent, Mice Control with a non-anticoagulant formula, Path & Patio Weed and Moss Killer and an organic Wonder Feed.

Ecofective Rose Defender 1 litre Ready to Use spray £4.99; 100 ml concentrate £9.99. Ecofective Plant Defender 1 litre Ready to Use spray £4.99; 100ml Concentrate £9.99. Ecofective Houseplant Defender 1 litre ready to use spray £4.99.

The new ecofective range is available in Homebase, garden centres and Amazon. For more information, visit www.ecofective.uk.com.

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