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Recycled motor-themed outdoor bars

VW camper van bar. Picture; Smithers of Stamford

Bars made from tractors, trucks, tuk tuks, and oil drums

Tuk tuk bar
Tuk tuk bar. Picture; Smithers of Stamford

I usually stay away from expensive, ‘aspirational’ products but these recycled outdoor bars from Smithers of Stamford are first on my list if I win the lottery!

They’re recycled from industrial oil drums, old motor parts, reclaimed wood from boats. Some, like the VW Camper van, are one-offs, so get in quickly. In the meantime, I’ll make use of my TK Maxx oddments…

The Vintage Taxi Tuk Tuk Bar is repurposed by hand from an old taxi and has working headlights and plenty of storage space made from reclaimed boat wood for bottles and wine glasses. Price £1,188 (a saving of £700).

The VW Camper Van Bar is upcycled from oil drums and handmade into this designer bar. It is made to an extremely high standard and should last you a lifetime, say the makers. Price £1,580.

The Unique Tractor Bar is made from a shiny red tractor front, complete with metal spoke rolling caster wheels, headlamps, grill, and glass worktop. Price £1,985.

The Tractor Bar is an upcycled Massey Ferguson tractor front, with a toughened glass top, adjustable feet plus glass and bottle storage. Price £990.

The Tata Truck Bar with working headlights makes an excellent conversation piece. Recycled from old truck parts and reclaimed boat wood shelving, it also doubles up as a desk. Price £1,850.

For information on Smithers of Stamford’s quirky recycled products, visit www.smithersofstamford.com.

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