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Hampton Court: Kitchen Garden Live with The Hairy Bikers

RHS Kitchen Garden
RHS Kitchen Garden

Si King and Dave Myers broadcast live each morning on BBC One

There are not just plants on offer at this week’s RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show – BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen is broadcasting a spin-off series live with the Hairy Bikers, from Monday, July 3-Friday, July 7 at 11am.

Si King and Dave Myers will be broadcasting from the RHS Kitchen Garden, which aims to promote innovative, cost-efficient ways of growing fresh food at home.

BBC One’s Saturday Kitchen, made by Cactus TV, with Matt Tebbutt, will broadcast live on Saturday, July 8.

Chelsea gold medal winner Juliet Sargeant has created the RHS Kitchen Garden packed with simple and creative growing ideas. She said: “We want to demonstrate to people, communities and organisations that it can be easy, cheap and fun to grow what you eat at home, in public spaces, at work, in fact anywhere you like!

“Many people can be put off, especially if they have limited space because they don’t expect an edible garden to be visually appealing, so we also want to show that growing food can be done in a beautiful, contemporary and stylish way.”

The 324m2 garden will feature vegetables like lettuce, chives, and beetroot, edible flowers like lavender and nasturtiums, herbs including rosemary and thyme, fruits including gooseberry and blackcurrant and trees such as silver birch and juneberry.

Small plant pots containing recipes for drinks and dishes such as pizza, stir-fry, Pimms and herbal tea will run along shelves, raised beds will contain lush fruit and vegetables and herbs will grow on living walls. An aquaponics system, where plants receive nourishment from fish, will also feature in the garden.

Si King and Dave Myers said: “We are thrilled to be presenting a week of live telly from the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. It’s gonna have everything we love: beautiful flowers and amazing gardens, delicious food, entertaining celeb guests and crowds of enthusiastic visitors that we can have a laugh with.”

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