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Brexit backlash: gardeners back ‘Euro veg’

Sales of 'British' veg seeds are down... Picture; DT Brown

Seeds with British names plummet: Euro names sell well

You can make statistics prove anything you want but here’s an interesting finding from DT Brown’s veg seed sales patterns during the last year.

Since the Brexit, sales of vegetable seeds with European connections are considerably up, while some varieties with British links have performed poorly.

French beans, Brussels sprouts, and Swiss chard have seen sales increase by up to 44 per cent this season and even varieties named after European towns and cities have done well. Top performers include carrots Paris Atlas and Amsterdam Forcing 3, lettuce Barcelona, tomato Roma and Florence fennel.

Those with British links which have seen sales fall include courgette Best of British, leek Pennine, onion Bristol and carrot Norwich.

Top performing ‘Euro veg’

  • eu badgeClimbing French Beans up 44%
  • Brussels Sprouts up 8%
  • Swiss Chard Bright Yellow up 19%
  • Carrot Paris Atlas up 23%
  • Courgette Tuscany up 52%
  • Radish French Breakfast up 11%
  • Carrot Amsterdam 3 Seed Tape up 28%
  • Cabbage Dutchman up 24%
  • Lettuce Barcelona up 4%
  • Tomato Roma up 8%
  • Florence Fennel up 7%

‘British’ varieties not doing so well

  • union badgeCourgette Best of British down 30%
  • Leek Pennine down 32%
  • Onion Bristol down 26%
  • Broad Bean Green Windsor down 11%
  • Carrot Norwich down 29%
  • Leek Lancaster down 22%

DT Brown’s Tim Jeffries said: “I’m not sure this is due to a conscious decision by our customers, perhaps something is influencing gardeners at a subliminal level.

“However, grow your own has never been more popular and we’ve seen a huge increase in vegetable seed sales this season, driven in part by rising food prices and import problems earlier in the year.”

For a copy of the catalogue 2017, write to DT Brown Seeds, Bury Road, Newmarket CB8 7PQ, call 0845 371 05 32, or visit www.dtbrownseeds.co.uk.

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