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New veg seeds from Johnsons

Pepper (Hot) Biquino Red. Picture; Johnsons
Pepper (Hot) Biquino Red. Picture; Johnsons

Trio of healthy, colourful and disease-resistant crops

It’s new seed time again and Johnsons is introducing three exclusive varieties for the 2017/18 season.

Pepper (Hot) Biquino Red (£2.29 for 10 seeds) is a small fruiting Brazilian variety chosen for its mild, smoky flavour, prolific cropping and ornamental beauty.

Each plant produces hundreds of small teardrop-shaped fruits, sometimes known as ‘little beaks’ because of their tapering shape.

The peppers can be used whole as a garnish, to give a little spice and aroma to salads, pizzas, pasta, or meats. Ideal for the greenhouse and pretty enough for windowsills, this pepper will also perform on a sunny patio.

Kale Sympatic. Picture; Johnsons
Kale Sympatic. Picture; Johnsons

Kale Sympatic (£1.79 for 250 seeds) offers a 10-month harvest when grown as a mature plant and a baby leaf variety. The baby leaves can be picked from June to December, while mature plants can be harvested from September to March.

Sow from March to September for a near constant supply – by sowing next month, you’ll have baby leaves until December.

It is extremely hardy (down to -18C) and vigorous roots provide resistance to wind rock. The attractive tightly curled leaves are ideal for the decorative kitchen garden.

Sympatic is low in calories and high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and the purple colouring means it is packed with anthocyanins.

Pea Valido. Picture; Johnsons
Pea Valido. Picture; Johnsons

Pea Valido (£2.99 for 300 seeds) is a new high-yielding maincrop introduction with outstanding resistance to powdery mildew, meaning pods can be picked late in the season when most other varieties are finished.

Large, pointed pods, each containing nine-11 peas, can be picked well into September from healthy, disease-free plants.

Two or three sowings made between March and June will provide successional harvests from late May into September.

If powdery mildew has stopped your pea crops in the past, Valido should be your pea of choice for 2018.

Johnsons seeds are available from garden centres, supermarkets and leading DIY stores throughout the UK and at www.johnsons-seeds.com.

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