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Lubera: new fruit for small spaces

Blackcurrant Little Black Sugar
Blackcurrant Little Black Sugar. Picture; Lubera

Apple, blackcurrant, and raspberry all under 1m

Got a balcony or an urban/suburban garden with little space but you have the desire to grow fruit?Well, it’s possible, thanks to Lubera. The Swiss fruit specialists have been looking at the challenges of growing fruit in smaller areas and last year produced the Lowberries range.

New this season are three new Lowberry varieties – all with a maximum height of 1m:

Mini apple Gullivers
Mini apple Gullivers. Picture; Lubera

Mini Apple Gullivers is a sweet and tasty apple, making it perfect for a container. A two-year-old dwarf tree in a 10-litre pot costs £30.40.

Blackcurrant Little Black Sugar is a mildew-resistant blackcurrant with large and very sweet fruits. It is compact but still bushy and well-branched. Every year, 2-3 older shoots should be removed to stimulate new growth. A strong shrub in a 5-litre pot costs £15.90.

Raspberry Little Sweet Sister is a thornless autumn raspberry, reaching only 80cm ideal for growing in pots.

Raspberry Little Sweet Sister
Raspberry Little Sweet Sister. Picture; Lubera

It starts to bear fruit once established in the middle of July, three weeks before Autumn Bliss or Autumn First and five-six weeks before compact sister variety Little Red Princess. The fruits are medium-sized with a dark red colour. Little Sweet Sister starts at £7.90 for a 1.3-litre pot.

The three new varieties join dwarf rhubarb Lilibarber, blackberry Little Black Prince, raspberry Little Red Princess, and blueberry Little Blue Wonder.

For more information, visit www.lubera.co.uk.

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