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How to hide ugly wheelie bins

Forest Garden Wheelie Bin Hide. Picture; Forest Garden
Forest Garden Wheelie Bin Hide. Picture; Forest Garden

Enhance your garden by covering up bins

Sick of your wheelie bins ruining your otherwise pristine garden design?

We have three – ordinary, gardening and recycling – and while I support recycling, etc, they are far from attractive.

However, Forest Garden, which manufactures timber garden products, has come to the rescue of ‘bin blight’ with a simple, stylish and practical solution.

Accessible storage solution

The company’s Double Wheelie Bin Hide is an attractive and accessible storage solution that also provides great shelter for the bins. With an easy opening bi-fold roof for each wheelie bin, the lids can be easily accessed to open fully, without having to pull the bins out.

“Previous surveys have proved that wheelie bins supplied to households by local authorities have been dubbed unsightly, spoiling the appearance of homes and they need hiding away from view,” said Nicola Simpson, head of marketing for Forest Garden.

“Homeowners do feel strongly about the negative impact they are having on the appearance of their properties. Our simple but effective storage solution will help to address this growing problem.”

Forest’s Double Wheelie Bin Hide measures 122(h) x 146(w) x 92(d)cm and retails at £249.99. The timber is pressure treated and it comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

For more information about Forest Garden visit www.forestgarden.co.uk.

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