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New Vitopod heated propagator with lights

Deluxe Vitopod Double Layer with lights
Deluxe Vitopod Double Layer with lights. Picture; Greenhouse Sensation

Award-winning propagator shines out

Want to start sowing early? Here’s a new bit of kit that will help you on your way to earlier and bigger crops.

The multi award-winning Vitopod heated propagator now features a light kit which neatly and securely holds two lights above the propagator, overcoming the difficulty of attaching lights to greenhouse or polytunnel frames.

(I can vouch for this, securing my grow light in a desk lamp with a Heath Robinson-style string and pulleys system.)

The propagator is height adjustable, precise and distributes heat evenly, preventing hot spots and cold spots, giving seeds and cuttings the best possible start.

Extra layers… the triple height Vitopod with lights

The propagator

Available in two sizes (50-watt L56cm x W56cm and 100-watt L111cm x W56cm).
Height adjustable: the single height Vitopod is 24cm tall and extra layers are 15cm each, so the Vitopod grows with the plants.
Precise control: the Vitopod’s thermostat can be set to any 1°C between 5°C and 30°C. Perfect for seed germination, hardening off and overwintering.
Even heat throughout the base: seeds germinate evenly with higher success rates.
Accurate temperature sensor: triggers the supply of heat depending on the sensor reading, maintaining the temperature without wasting electricity.
Large vents: for humidity control to prevent dampening-off.
Robust: built to last. The acrylic lids and sides are treated to prevent yellowing.

The standard Vitopod Single Layer with lights
The standard Vitopod Single Layer with lights

The lights

Dimensions: 90cm long and 39 watts for the 100 watt Vitopod and 60cm long and 24 watts for the smaller 50-watt model.
Highly efficient: uses 50 per cent less energy than a standard fluorescent lamp.
High light output: the nanotech reflectors surrounding the lights capture and reflect 99.9 per cent of light, increase lumen availability by 300 per cent and diffuse light deep into the foliage.
Long lamp life: typically 10,000 hours.

Award-winning design

Awards include:

  • Most Innovative Product Bronze award 2016 and 2017, Grow Your Own magazine readers.
  • Hydropod Propagator: Most Innovative Product Bronze Award 2017, Grow Your Own magazine.
  • Best Online Garden Retailer: Bronze Award 2016, Grow Your Own magazine readers.
  • Geopod Propagator: Best New Product, Garden Press Event visitors 2016.

The 50-watt single height version with lights is £205, the double layer is £220 and the triple layer is £235. The 100-watt model with lights costs £255 for a single layer, £275 for double height and £290 for triple height.

Vitopod is available from www.GreenhouseSensation.co.uk, a retailer and British manufacturer of gardening products.

All products on the Greenhouse Sensation website are extensively trialled in the company’s greenhouses and polytunnels in Lancashire, where they also grow bananas, pineapples, chillies, and ginger.

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