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Roses for semi-shade: 15% off

Roses that will thrive and bloom on 4-5 hours of sunlight a day - repeat flowering, shrub and climbers, from David Austin Roses

Climbing rose James Galway
Climbing rose James Galway

David Austin’s lovely bloomers on under 5 hours’ sun

While many people think roses need full sun, there are many varieties that will make do with a semi-shady position – they’ll perform well on 4-5 hours a day of sun.

Do remember that in shady positions, avoid areas where there are overhanging branches and dry places which will out-compete the rose for moisture, food, and light.

Here are five favourites from David Austin’s collection that will perform consistently well in a more challenging environment.

If you order before November 12, 2017, you’ll get 15% every time you order – quote code KPJ.

JAMES GALWAY: (English Climbing Rose, bred by David Austin). I grow this on a semi-shaded fence and it performs wonderfully, with warm pink rosettes packed with many, perfectly arranged petals. Old Rose fragrance and almost thornless. Repeat flowering, height 12ft, bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

JACQUES CARTIER: (Old Rose), very similar to ‘Comte de Chambord’, with more refined flowers. Large, rosette-shaped, rich pink flowers with a very strong fragrance. Repeat flowering, height 4ft, width 3ft. Bare root plant costs £16, delivery from November.

THE PILGRIM: (English Climbing Rose, bred by David Austin), large, soft yellow rosettes produced freely. A mixed fragrance of tea rose and myrrh. Very healthy and reliable with attractive, bushy growth. Repeat flowering, height up to 12ft. Bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

QUEEN OF SWEDEN (English Rose, bred by David Austin), this shrub rose has soft apricot-pink cup-shaped flowers with elegant, upright growth. There is a classic myrrh fragrance. Good for disease resistance, repeat flowering. Height 4ft, width 2.5ft. Bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

PRINCESS ALEXANDRA OF KENT: (English Rose, bred by David Austin), large, deeply cupped blooms of warm, glowing pink, with award-winning fresh tea fragrance with hints of lemon and blackcurrants. Repeat flowering, ideal for pots and containers. Height 4ft, width 3ft, bare root plant £17, delivery from November.

Check out the repeat-flowering English roses, shrub roses (Hybrid Musks, Rugosas and Ground Covers), Gallicas, Damasks and Albas too.

For more information, visit www.davidaustinroses.co.uk and don’t forget the 15% off code – quote code KPJ.

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