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Mr Plant Geek’s Virtual Garden T-shirts

Adding to his collection of cool gardening-related T-shirts, here are two more items from Mr Plant Geek

Mr Plant Geek's Virtual Garden T-Shirts
Mr Plant Geek's Virtual Garden T-Shirts

Wear your horticulture on your chest

Mr Plant Geek (aka Michael Perry) has his own range of funny (and rude) gardening-based T-shirts which are real winners in my humble opinion.

So, it’s nice to see two new additions to the range – contemporary and cybernetic prints of the lily and Opuntia (prickly pear) cactus.

The lily was chosen because it is so important in literature and culture in so many regions of the world – and because of its awe-inspiring beauty.

The Opuntia got the nod due to its diversity – it’s the most culinary species of cactus and was named after the Ancient Greek city of Opus.

All T-shirts come in a choice of white or black, with the design in pink or green, sizes S-5XL, price £18.99.

To order or for more information, visit www.shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/mrplantgeek/

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