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Gardening tools from Darlac for Christmas

Fill a gardening fan's Christmas stocking with cutting tools from Darlac

Knife and Holster. Picture; Darlac

Cutting-edge tools make pruning easy

Having the right tools for the job makes gardening easier and much more pleasurable – what could be better than a Christmas gift from Darlac?

Their garden tools are great quality at down-to-earth prices – here’s a look at the range:

DP1850 Topiary Shear: Awarded Best Buy by one of the top gardening magazines. It’s ideal for trimming topiary and for retaining intricate shapes. They are designed for left or right-hand use. Their sleek modern appearance offers individual razor sharp replaceable blades which are coated to prevent rust. Price around £21.

DP332 Compound Action Pruner: If you have weak wrists or hands, this is the tool for you. Voted ‘Best Buy’ and ‘Best on Test’ by two leading gardening magazines. it has a unique lever action, providing greater cutting power while its carbon steel razor sharp blades produce a nice clean cut. A perfect size for smaller hands, there’s now a larger version – Compound Action Pruner Plus (DP333). Price around £14.99 & £17.99.

DP349 Pruning Lock Knife and DP1144 Expert Knife Pouch: The knife has a traditional wooden handle and an SK5 carbon steel blade, which locks. Price £11.99. The Expert Knife Pouch is beautifully crafted in quality leather. Price £9.

DP102 Tungsten and Diamond Sharpener: The Tungsten Sharpener is suitable for sharpening a host of garden tools, including heavy items such as axes or rotary mower blades. The Diamond Sharpener will keep fine blades such as pruners, loppers and knives razor sharp. Price £14.99.

For more information, visit www.darlac.com.

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