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Gardening smiley collectables for kids

Cat pots. Picture; Mr Fothergill's
Cat pots. Picture; Mr Fothergill's

Mr Fothergill’s adds new faces to children’s growing kits

Seedsman Mr Fothergill’s is adding to its children’s Munakuppi grow kit range with four new smiley face characters and four cool cats, creating a series of 14 ceramic planters for bedroom windowsills, kitchens and offices.

Each is supplied with two packets of seed and a soil pellet, so you can grow long locks of rye grass or a short back and sides of fresh basil. Simply sow, water and watch the green hair grow.

The easy-grow varieties can be sown year round, making them ideal gifts for birthdays and Christmas. They also prove popular as desk ornaments and make great secret Santa presents.

The basil can be used fresh in the kitchen, while cats love rye grass, as it aids their digestion – perfect for indoor moggies that don’t have access to fresh grass. If there are no cats to keep growth in check, the rye grass hair can be tied into bunches or trimmed into style.

Unlike traditional grass heads, these ceramic characters can be used again and again. There is enough seed supplied with each character to replant and continue the fun many times over. When all seed is gone, you can add your own or use the ceramic pots as an egg cup.

Each character is supplied with simple sowing instructions and growing tips. Available now, price £3.95, at good garden centre or visit www.mr-fothergills.co.uk.

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