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Autumn gardening tips from Cobra

Cobra BV26C Blower Vac. Picture; Cobra
Cobra BV26C Blower Vac. Picture; Cobra

Power mulcher deals with mess from fallen leaves

With autumn now really upon us, it can be tempting to hibernate indoors and keep warm.

However, if you brave the cold and get on top of some end-of-year garden maintenance, you will thank yourself for it next year when the grass is at its greenest and the borders look stunning.

For clearing leaves, the quickest and easiest way to tackle the task is with the Cobra BV26C petrol powered blower vac.

The vacuum features a power mulching system and a large collection bag, all of which allows for easy leaf collection.

The BV26C’s versatility is boosted by its powerful 26cc Cobra engine, its ability to change from vacuum to blower in an instant, and its ergonomic handle design that makes it a breeze to use.

Scarify your lawn

Scarify your lawn. Picture; Cobra
Scarify your lawn for healthy grass next year. Picture; Cobra

Once lawns are clear of leaves, scarifying will remove dead grass and any moss to clear room for healthy regrowth.

Finally, aeration allows the lawn to breathe, relieving compaction and allowing any trapped gases to escape.

A lawn should be aerated at least once a year and the Cobra electric scarifiers provide the perfect, cost-effective solution for this.

Chainsaws for the autumn clear-up

Chainsaws are also a vital tool for this time of year to aid with garden clear up and to help clear any fallen trees.

Cobra has models to suit all needs from petrol, electric and now lithium-ion battery for the ultimate in convenience, and has lengths starting at 35cm and ranging up to 50cm.

Log splitting with ease

After using your chainsaw you may be left with hefty logs. The Cobra log splitter makes easy work of cutting these into more manageable sizes that are perfect for use as firewood.

It can split a log into four pieces with just one stroke. With a 1500w motor, this electric machine has a splitting force of 5.5 tonnes and will split logs up to 25cm in diameter. It also features a carry handle and transport wheels for easy manoeuvrability.

For more information about Cobra, please visit www.cobragarden.co.uk.

Cobra blower vac winner

The winner of my Cobra BV26C blower vac competition is Donna Hall – congratulations!

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