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Mr Fothergill’s annual seed mixes

New style Flower Mixes. Picture; Mr Fothergill's
New style Flower Mixes. Picture; Mr Fothergill's

Easy, cheap way for beginners to grow flowers

Flower mixes are blooming afresh for the 2018 season, thanks to a revamp by Mr Fothergill’s.

A new design incorporates bigger pictures and new pictorial instructions to make preparation and sowing even clearer for beginners and children.

The mixes are available in four themes:

  • Wildlife Attracting Flowers: a special blend for beneficial insects, rich in nectar and pollen, that also provides seed for hungry birds in the autumn.
  • Cottage Garden Flowers: traditional cottage garden favourites, created to provide a beautiful display of colour throughout the summer. Also contains flowers that are great for cutting.
  • Blue Flowers: blended mixture designed to create a co-ordinated border in vibrant shades of blue and purple for a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere – Mr Fothergill’s bestselling flower mix.
  • Red Flowers: a designer mix created to provide striking, vividly coloured flower garden with plenty of eye-catching shades blooming over a long season.

Each box contains 20g of hardy and half-hardy annuals, mixed with a natural carrier to give up to 20sqm coverage. All have RRP of £3.99.

Mr Fothergill’s flower mixes are available from garden centres, supermarkets and leading DIY stores and online at www.mr-fothergills.co.uk.

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