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Hydroponic system’s crowdfunding campaign

Equipment means anyone can grow crops in their home

Want to grow your own food at home but lack a garden or even enough light?

Now, small company Gartenzwerg is on a mission to enable anyone to be a gardener and tomorrow (November 14) will launch a crowdfunding campaign to raise the necessary cash.

The bid will be going live on Seedrs and aims to raise £150,000 for 15 per cent of the firm’s shares by December 29, 2017.

Gartenzwerg (German for garden gnome) specialises in hydroponics – growing crops using a light system, water, and nutrients – no soil, pesticides or chemicals – helping plants to grow three times faster, using up to 90 per cent less water.

The technology controls light intensity, water level, pH level, temperature, and humidity, mimicking the perfect growing environment no matter the season.

As an Internet of Things (IoT) product, the little helper communicates with the growers over the app to let them know if the plants require attention and what they have to do.

Co-founder Sabrina said: “I first had the idea for Gartenzwerg during my MBA in China, where I met my co-founder, Andre.

Gardening of the future with Gartenzwerg. Picture; Gartenzwerg
Gardening of the future with Gartenzwerg. Picture; Gartenzwerg

“During one of our projects, we learned that NASA was growing food in space with no soil using a method called hydroponics. So, being a wannabe food grower myself, I just thought: how cool is that?”

One-third of UK residents are already growing their own food, but the two main barriers for the other two-thirds are a lack of time or knowledge. Gartenzwerg already has more than 500 subscribers and followers who are eager to be the first to have a system in their home.

The company has already secured half of the required investment, thanks to an angel investor who has extensive experience in the packaging industry.

The product range includes The Nature Guy, The Stylish One, The Grounded Type. All three will be priced at £120. The first product to be launched will be the Nature Guy.

To find out more, visit http://gartenzwerg.me/.

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