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5 key gardening jobs November 18-24

November rose foliage. Picture; Vanessa Sundin
November rose foliage. Picture; Vanessa Sundin

1Cut back shrubs to prevent wind rock

Cut back by half shrubs pruned hard in spring like Buddleja davidii

Shrubs normally pruned hard in spring – such as Buddleja davidii, Cornus alba and Lavatera – can be cut back by half now, to prevent wind rock.

2Keep your garden clean

Scab on an apple

Garden hygiene is vital to help control and prevent disease. Rake up and NEVER compost infected leaves, such as black spot on roses, or scab on apples and pears.

3Take root cuttings

Verbascum bombyciferum is suitable for root cuttings

Root cuttings can be taken now and throughout winter. Papaver (perennial poppies), Verbascum (mullein) and Phlox are suitable examples.

4Clear dead foliage around ponds

Autumnal colours around the pond – but clear overhanging leaves

Around ponds, remove the last of the dead foliage. You can still divide hardy waterlilies and cut back overgrown marginal plants.

5Protect borderline hardy perennials

Euphorbia wulfenii under a fleece bag after planting – however, this hasn’t been necessary since

Cover borderline hardy perennials, such as Euphorbia wulfenii, red-hot pokers and Gunnera with fleece sacks to protect them from the worst of any winter weather, especially if still young plants.

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