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5 key gardening jobs Nov 25-Dec 1

Great autumn colours contrast with Echiums
November 2017, the pond area with self-seeded Echiums

1Prune and renovate deciduous shrubs and hedges

Prune and renovate deciduous hedges

Pruning and renovation of some deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges, such as beech, can be carried out from now – you can see the framework more easily. Exceptions are tender plants, and also Prunus species (e.g. ornamental cherries, plums and almonds), as these are vulnerable to silver leaf if pruned in the autumn or winter. Evergreens are best left until the spring.

2Watch out for disease

Canker on old apple tree

When pruning trees and shrubs, examine branches for signs of disease. Small cankers, dieback, and rotten, hollow stumps are best removed before they spread.

3Keep winter pansies healthy

Watch out for disease on pansies

Watch out for downy mildew and black spot on winter pansies.

4Pot up Amaryllis

Ready to plant… my five Amaryllis bulbs

Indoors, pot up Hippeastrum (amaryllis) bulbs, and bring them back into active growth with regular watering and feeding.

5Let cacti shut up shop for winter

Keep cacti and succulents almost dry for the winter

Cacti and succulents need a period of dormancy over the winter: keep them barely moist, and do not feed. Start them back into growth next spring. Christmas cacti can be managed in the same way as other cacti, or in reverse, for flowering at Easter or Christmas.

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