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5 key gardening jobs Dec 16-22

Clematis Freckles brightens up a freezing December day
Clematis Freckles brightens up a freezing December day

1Buy colourful dogwoods

Cornus Midwinter Fire and Betula Greywood’s Ghost at RHS Harlow Carr

Look out for the most colourful dogwoods (Cornus), Salix and white-stemmed Rubus in garden centres – they’ll make a great winter display.

2Check for greenhouse pests

Cut back plants and clean out greenhouses

Many pests can overwinter in nooks and crannies in the glasshouse structure and in the bark of woody houseplants and vines. Mealybugs and scale insect nymphs are commonly found and should be picked off.

3Beware of pansy and viola diseases

Check pansies for disease

Watch out for downy mildew and black spot on winter pansies.

4Check for houseplant diseases

Vine weevil larvae. Picture; RHS

When bringing plants into the house or greenhouse, check them carefully for any pests and diseases. Unhappy looking plants can always be tipped out of the pot to look at their root balls for signs of over or under watering, or for soil pests like vine weevil larvae.

5Tidy up leaves for leaf mould

Make use of fallen leaves

Tidy up leaves from around borders. They can be added to the compost heap, or placed in separate bins to make leaf mould, which is an excellent soil improver and can also be used as a seed-sowing medium.

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