5 key gardening jobs: Dec 23-30

1Force lily-of-the-valley


Lily-of-the-valley (Convallaria) can be dug up, potted and forced in the greenhouse at this time of year. Rhizomes that are kept in a frost-free greenhouse over winter will stay in active growth, but given a little heat, they will be ready to flower shortly after replanting in the garden next spring.

2Take out supports

Dead heads of Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Remove stakes and other supports as final late-flowering herbaceous plants die down for the winter.

3Dig up perennial weeds

Get rid of perennial weeds like dandelions

Now can be a good time to dig up perennial weeds with long tap roots, such as dandelions and mallow, from newly cultivated areas.


4Check for grey mould

Grey mould on a cut-back geranium in a humid environment under glass

Grey mould or Botrytis can be problematic in wet weather – watch out for signs.

5Don’t let your lawn get waterlogged

Don’t let your grass get this waterlogged…

Watch your lawn for signs of waterlogging, as the weather gets wetter. You may be able to remedy this with some maintenance – either now, or next spring.

For more gardening jobs to do now, visit here.

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