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Gardening review of 2017: July and August

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July 21: Day lilies
July 21: Day lilies

1July 21: Day lilies

One of the few ‘original’ plants from before I moved in (albeit hacked around a bit).

2July 23: Colourful Fargesia bamboo

July 23: bamboo Fargesia Jiuzhaigou

I strongly recommend this non-running Fargesia bamboo for smaller gardens – it will do well in a large pot and culms change colour as they age – orange/yellow and deep purple.

3July 23: Japanese blood plum Lizzie

July 23: plum Lizzie

Branches bending under a huge crop, this little plum tree really earned its keep with a glut of fruit.

4July 23: Sweet pea Prince of Orange

July 23: Sweet pea Prince of Orange

A lovely heritage variety, rediscovered fairly recently. Earlier blooms didn’t seem to be that orange, although you can see here, it’s a true bicolour.

5July 31: Sunflower Pastiche

July 31: Sunflower Pastiche

You get a mixed bag for mid-height, branching blooms with Pastiche, although this dark one is my favourite.

6July 31: Echinacea Sunseekers Pink

July 31: Echinacea Sunseekers Pink

This compact variety is great for late summer colour – it went on flowering right through autumn.

7July 31: Rudbeckia Goldsturm

July 31: Rudbeckia Goldsturm

An old favourite, and rightly so. A good colour clash with the Echinacea above.

8August 26: Buddlejas en masse

August 26: Buddleja davidii and Buzz (white)

Pleasing effect of the dwarf white Buddleja Buzz growing into the large native purple Buddleja davidii.

9August 26: Dahlia Arabian Night

August 26: Dahlia Arabian Night

Big meaty specimen!

10August 26: Dahlia New Baby

August 26: Dahlia New Baby

This little pom pom contrasts well with deep red Arabian Night.

11August 27: Kniphofia

August 27: Kniphofia

Traditional border plant but that doesn’t lessen its value – works so well in contemporary settings, too.

12August 27: Nasturtium

August 27: Nasturtium

It’s Chameleon I think but so many have self-seeded over the years, who knows?

13August 28: Sweet pea Night Sky

August 28: Sweet pea Night Sky

A new variety from Matthewmans and long may it continue – the perfumed, large blooms kept on flowering until December.

14August 28: Venidium Jaffa Ice

August 28: Venidium Jaffa Ice

An annual mix of orange and white, this didn’t perform as well as expected!

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