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Gardening review of 2017: Sept and Oct

Lovely bee on lavender
Lovely bee on lavender

1September 1 (they’re all the same date – what was I doing?): Dahlia Jescot Julie

Dahlia Jescot Julie

At long last, the centrepiece of the tropical bed appeared – perhaps next time, I’ll take account of the amount of shade.

2Gentians take centre stage

Alpine gentian

A welcome splash of early autumn colour which lasts right through October – all in the old Belfast sink.

3Bees on lavender

Bees on lavender

A real increase in bees in the garden this year – and they love lavender.

4Tomato Artisan Mix

Tomato Artisan Mix

Unusual shaped tomato, including a gold variation with stripes. Not the highest cropper but a good taste.

5Tomato Suncherry Smile

Tomato Suncherry Smile

One of my favourites – a regular cropper and full of flavour, with a shiny skin.

6October 8: Arum italicum marmoratum fruits

Arum italicum marmoratum berries

The first time this clump has actually fruited in my garden. Very poisonous to us, loved by another garden inhabitant.

7October 8: Apple Red Falstaff

Apple Red Falstaff

This tree’s been given a new lease of life by surrounding its rotting (and immovable) barrel with soil to extend its root run.

8October 8: Cucamelons end

Last cucamelon

Not a great crop this year… ah well, there’s always 2018.

9October 8: Canary Island palm

Canary Island palm

I bought a few palms (mostly in sales) in 2017, quite oblivious at the time of the restriction on imports coming into force – read about them and their effects here.

10October 8: Autumn raspberries

Autumn raspberries

A good crop this year but I really must thin them out!

11October 8: Rosa glauca hips

Rosa glauca hips

I love looking at them but would far rather the birds had them!

12October 28: Sedum


Always a boost in autumn, several clumps of Sedum (ice plant) have ended up around the garden.

13October 28: Campanula

Rogue bellflower

I’ve made big efforts to get rid of these tall bellflowers, which I didn’t plant, obviously missing this one.

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