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Garden design trends for 2018

Dining pergola. Picture; Forest Garden
Dining pergola. Picture; Forest Garden

Outdoor living, naturalistic gardening, and small gardens are key concepts

Looking to update your garden this year? Key trends for 2018 include the growth of ‘outdoor living’, according to Forest Garden, to the extent that people will still be having barbecues in winter (not sure about that one).

The company’s new range reflects this move to the great outdoors, with a collection of timber gazebos that will create the perfect setting for open-air entertaining.

Here’s the range:

  • Hexagonal Garden Gazebo: available in four sizes, from 3m to 4.7m, which will accommodate up to 19 adults.
  • The Square Garden Gazebo: at 3.5m, it is perfectly proportioned to fit most sizes of hot tub and provides shelter and privacy.
  • The Dining Pergola: available with or without panels.
  • The Venetian Pavilion: roof structure lets light in but keeps rain out.
Hexagonal Gazebo. Picture; Forest Garden
Hexagonal Gazebo. Picture; Forest Garden

Naturalistic design approach

The rewilding of the garden has been predicted by many industry experts, as people move away from straight, regimented lines, towards a more naturalistic approach. This means working with nature, not against it.

Designs are rustic and hark back to countryside retreats:

  • The Plant Ladder Display: compact enough to bring a taste of the country to even a city centre balcony.
  • The Windsor Planter range: in rough sawn timber, available in three sizes, complete with shelf and liner and can be used as a garden divide.

Small gardens are in

Not so much a trend as a necessity, as garden sizes continue to shrink, so too must storage. Forest’s new range provides all the practicality of a shed while being compact enough for the smallest of spaces:

  • Shiplap Small Garden Store: ideal for storing wellies, dog leads and toys.
  • Shiplap Garden Store: featuring tongue and groove panels.
  • Large Outdoor Store: big enough to hold bikes, lawnmowers, and barbecues.
  • Garden Storage Box.

UK design

All products are designed at Forest’s Worcestershire head office. The majority of the timber used is grown and felled from managed UK forests across Scotland and Wales and cut and processed at the company’s sawmill.

Products are professionally treated – dip-treated items have a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and premium pressure-treated ranges carry a 15-year anti-rot guarantee. For more information, visit www.forestgarden.co.uk/.

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