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5 key gardening jobs Jan 6-12

Yellow Bouquet lily
Bouquet lily. Picture; Sue Welford

1Winter prune apples and pears

Not my most glamorous hour – pruning the old apple tree

Prune apple and pear trees – at least get rid of any branch that’s dead, damaged, diseased or rubbing on another one. Then spray your trees with winter wash or home-made garlic spray, which will kill insect eggs.

2Plant lilies in pots

Orange Asiatic lily

Plant lily bulbs in pots and in borders during mild spells. Mulch borders with leaf mould, compost, well-rotted manure, or even old grow bags, at least two inches thick.

3Smarten up hellebores

Helleborus niger (Christmas rose)

Cut off old leaves of hellebores that produce flowers from ground level so you can see them. Watch out for hellebore leaf spot.

4Cut back battered grasses

Stipa gigantea weighed down with snow

Start cutting back grasses that have been left for winter structure if the winds have battered them down.

5Plant the big stuff (if it’s not waterlogged or frozen)

Eucalyptus covered in snow – not a great time to plant

Plant bare-root deciduous hedging, trees and roses, staking before planting, so you don’t damage the rootball.

For more gardening jobs this week, just follow this link.


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