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De Jager Bulbs 150th anniversary: 10% off online

Amarine BellaDiva Series Mixed. Picture; de Jager
Amarine BellaDiva Series Mixed. Picture; de Jager

More than 430 varieties of summer bulbs in new catalogue

In 1868, Dutchman Peter de Jager sent his son to England to establish one of the first garden bulb supply companies in the UK.

And 150 years later, the company is celebrating with its Anniversary Spring Catalogue, packed with more than 430 varieties of summer-flowering bulbs, including more than 100 new additions or reintroductions.

Among these are four varieties of a newcomer – Amarine, a hybrid between Amaryllis and Nerine that combines the best of both.

This plant produces up to 10 slender, lily-like flowers per stem in shades of pink from early autumn.

Dahlia Jewel Red. Picture; de Jager
Dahlia Jewel Red. Picture; de Jager

New dahlias and lilies

This year, de Jager has substantially revised its dahlia collection, with more than 40 per cent of the 95 varieties new or reintroductions.

It’s a similar case for the lilies collection, with 22 new varieties adding to the original 65 species and varieties.

Lilium Rosella's Dream. Picture; de Jager
Lilium Rosella’s Dream. Picture; de Jager

Add to this the large collection of other summer-flowering bulbs, from A–Z.

For a copy of the Spring Catalogue, or to place an order, contact de Jager on 01622 840229, e-mail flowerbulbs@dejager.co.uk or buy online at www.dejager.co.uk.  Online orders receive a 10 per cent discount.

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