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5 key gardening jobs Jan 27-Feb 2

Sweet pea Prince of Orange

1Plant and prune cane fruits

Autumn-fruiting raspberries – very late on November 1

There is still time to finish planting fruit trees and bushes, especially raspberries and other cane fruits. Prune autumn-fruiting raspberries by cutting back all growth to an inch long stub and mulch. To extend the picking season, cut half back and leave half to give you extra early fruit.

2Protect alpine and rock garden bulbs

Daffodil Tete a Tete

Bulbs coming up in the alpine/rock garden or in containers may benefit from overhead protection from the rain and snow. A sheet of glass or Perspex placed on piles of bricks will do the job.

3Sow sweet peas

‘Help’ from George

Sweet peas can be sown under glass, or in a cool room in the house. Any sweet peas that were sown earlier in the autumn can now be potted on.

4Winter prune apples and pears

Not my most glamorous hour – pruning the old apple tree

Winter prune apples and pears, concentrating on removing the overcrowded growth, crossing stems, and dead, damaged, or dying branches. Aim for an open centre, through which air can circulate, as this will cut the risk of pests and diseases.

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