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Boost for children’s gardening

Little Gardeners Mini Greenhouse. Picture; Johnsons
Little Gardeners Mini Greenhouse. Picture; Johnsons

Sales of seed kits for kids up

Here’s a heart-warming story for a Monday – actual proof that more children are getting into gardening, a subject very close to my heart.

It seems the Johnsons Little Gardeners seed range is undergoing a boom in sales – 19 per cent up on the previous year.

The seedsman puts the increase down to parents and grandparents hoping to encourage the next generation of gardeners while boosting their school learning.

The 10 easy-to-sow flower and vegetable seeds, plus a selection of grow kits and accessories, has been developed to support National Curriculum guidelines for children aged five-11 years.

National Curriculum aims

KS1 and KS2 state children should be able to identify common plants and flowers, know what plants need to germinate, grow and thrive, understand plant reproduction and how seasonal changes affect plants and vegetables.

Every item in the range is supplied in fun packaging that provides facts and information to help cover these topics and also come with easy-to-follow instructions to ensure first-time success.

The Little Gardeners range is further supported by an interactive website, which mixes fun and fact in easy to navigate pages such as the Fun Zone, Little Gardeners’ Academy and Yummy Recipes sections.

Little Gardener friends

A Meet the Gang area introduces children to a team of Little Gardener characters – four girls and four boys for children to make friends with.

Johnsons brand manager Helen Clayton said: “We are so pleased to see more children taking up the challenge of growing flowers and vegetables from seed and discovering what a fun and rewarding hobby it can be.

“Success with seeds at age five or six could ignite a passion for plants that not only leads to a future hobby, we could be helping to shape the next little Alan Titchmarsh or Carol Klein.”

The range is available at selected garden retailers and online at www.johnsons-seeds.com, with prices between £1.49 and £12. To explore the full offering plus all the supporting material visit www.little-gardeners.co.uk.

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