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Storm damaged fence advice

Help is at hand if this is like your fence
Help is at hand if this is like your fence

Expert tips to get your fence through the winter

Has your fence given up the ghost after this winter’s storms? You can bet there will be more before spring arrives.

If you want advice on replacing a broken fence or making sure the one you have survives, here’s some timely advice from the experts at Forest Garden.

Firstly, if your fence is still standing, check it for potential damage and weak spots. The posts are a common cause. If any posts are rotten, they must be replaced.

If any panels look as though they are not secure, reinforce them before gales hit, as they act like sails in wind, and can get carried away.

Does fence need replacing?

If you need to entirely replace your fence, Forest Garden’s designs include traditional and noise-reducing panels, decorative screens and low-level fencing.

The Featheredge range features thick overlapping vertical boards with three colour alternatives.  Their heavy-duty construction offers privacy and security and can be used with timber or concrete posts.

The Featheredge fence. Picture; Forest Garden
The Featheredge fence. Picture; Forest Garden

The Larchlap range features traditional Larchlap panels manufactured from UK timber that is grown, felled and processed from FSC-approved forests. The sturdy panel is constructed with overlapping boards sandwiched in a perimeter frame.

For a more decorative fence, the Europa range has heavy-duty mortice and tenon jointed frames in a variety of decorative styles including curved-top, wave-top, V-shaped and fan-like trellises.

Award-winning noise reduction

The award-winning Decibel Noise Reduction Panels provide an effective, and affordable, solution to noise, reducing sound by up to eight times. The thick (17mm) interlocking tongue and groove boards are smooth planed and mounted in a 45mm thick rebated frame with no gaps.

The new low-level Decorative Hit and Miss Domed Top Panel is perfect for boundary screening when a full height fence panel is not needed, allowing wind to pass through the gaps.

All fence panels have a minimum of 10 years’ anti-rot guarantee, with many also being pressure treated, providing 15 years’ anti-rot guarantee, and a choice of heights, with posts, supports, fixings and fittings, caps and finials also available.

Prices start from £24.99 per fence panel, available from high street multiples and garden centres, visit www.forestgarden.co.uk.

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