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Sweet pea sowing

Sweet peas for this year - Lady Salisbury and Winston Churchill
Sweet peas for this year - Lady Salisbury and Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill and Lady Salisbury get it on! (allegedly)

My sweet peas are sown at last after I dodged my decorating responsibilities for an hour. It’s become something of a ritual for me, the first ‘proper job’ of the gardening year.

This year’s choices start with the new Lady Salisbury from Mr Fothergill’s, a very fragrant grandiflora cream and white, many with picotee edges in blue, pink or lavender.

There’s also the old stalwart Winston Churchill, with scented, red/crimson Spencer-type wavy blooms. Thompson & Morgan will donate 20p to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust for every packet sold.

I’ve read Winston can be a little difficult compared to other sweet pea varieties, so we’ll have to wait and see (a little like the man himself).

I sowed four seeds to a large yoghurt pot in peat-free compost, popped the on the propagating mat and gave them an unceremoniously messy start in life, using an ancient discoloured and cracked lid, as the correct one has gone missing in the building work!

For more information on sweet pea sowing and growing on, click here.

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