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New red gooseberry and apple for 2018

Gooseberry Madame Sanssouci. Picture; Lubera
Gooseberry Madame Sanssouci. Picture; Lubera

Lubera’s exclusive new varieties

Say goodbye to mildew and excessive thorns with new red gooseberry Madame Sanssouci – so easy to care for, staff are calling it Madame NoWorries!

It is one of the best for resistance against mildew that Lubera has seen, with shiny, leathery leaves and (almost) no thorns – the fewest thorns of all the Easycrisp varieties.

It matures after the medium-early varieties such as Darling and Nibbling, but slightly ahead of Lady Late, with a juicy, intense gooseberry flavour, sour if not mature, so must be harvested ripe.

You’ll need to space plants 1m apart, in sun to partial shade – some shade is preferred in order to avoid sunburn and bursting fruits in early summer.

A strong bush in a 5l pot costs £15.90, visit www.lubera.co.uk.

Apple Topmodel. Picture; Lubera
Apple Topmodel. Picture; Lubera

Columnar apple Malini Topmodel

If you don’t have much space, new columnar apple tree Topmodel is ideal for you, producing even fewer lateral shoots than sister Mannequin, Pronto and Subito.

Topmodel is a higher-growing columnar variety, grafted on an M26 rootstock, reaching about 3 metres after 7-8 years.

The apples are ready to harvest at the end of September, with medium-sized, round, but slightly tall-bodied fruits, bulbous around the stem.

When ripe, the fruit is 50-80 per cent dark red, sometimes very dark, which then brightens during storage.

Flavour wise, Topmodel has a balanced character, with some sourness at harvest, but not enough to describe the apple as being sour. This sourness does not break down during storage so that in January it still has a pleasant apple flavour without becoming ‘cider-y’.

A columnar tree in a 5l pot costs £25.90, visit www.lubera.co.uk.

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