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5 key gardening jobs Feb 17-23

Rose James Galway
Rose James Galway

1Sow bedding plants

Time to sow pansies

Start sowing bedding plants such as Impatiens, Viola and pansies in a heated propagator. Transplant when seedlings are forming their third or fourth leaf. This can take anywhere between four and six weeks.

2Prepare woody plants for growing season

Eucalyptus covered in snow – not a great time to plant

Mulch and feed shrubs, trees, hedges and climbers after pruning, to give them energy for the extra growth they will put on after cutting back.

3Better beds for roses

Rose Desdemona

Prepare beds for new roses when conditions allow. Avoid wet days and frozen ground.

4Provide the best light for seedlings and cuttings

Easy to raise… cosmos seedlings

If you do have any seedlings and/or cuttings in the greenhouse, make sure they are getting the maximum light available, or else they will become weak and leggy. If necessary, turn them once a day so that they get light on both sides. This will stop them leaning over towards the light, and keep them upright and compact.

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