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Power to the people at RHS Hampton Court

Brilliance in Bloom show garden. Picture; RHS MIC/Charlie Bloom
Brilliance in Bloom show garden. Picture; RHS MIC/Charlie Bloom

Show garden Brilliance in Bloom – no corporate financial backing

It’s a show garden for the people, by the people and is the brainchild of designer Charlie Bloom, who brought us the terrific Colour Box garden at Hampton Court last year.

It won a silver-gilt – robbed of a gold in my opinion – it was the most relatable, liveable yet exciting garden on offer, one that real people could actually achieve or just gain inspiration from – and isn’t that why we all should be in horticulture?

Like Colour Box, Brilliance in Bloom is a show garden without the usual corporate financial backing, relying on the skills of various craftspeople, companies and publicity via the horticultural Twitter community.

If designers and shows keep aiming for the big spenders and the converted, they’re missing out on the people who aren’t into gardening – but could be in the future.

Exciting, original but relatable design

Charlie’s an exciting, original designer who’s not afraid of explosive colour (always a good thing).

She said: “it’s a garden promoting the craftsmanship of trades… not corporate sponsorship.”

The build is by Lanwarne Landscapes and the project is sponsored by decorative metalwork company Stark & Greensmith, with materials and artwork donated by Simon Probyn Sculpture, Art4Space, London Stone, Rolawn and Dyofix.

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show will run from 3-8 July with a preview evening on Monday, July 2.

For further information or to buy tickets (£19.50-£39.50), visit the RHS website at www.rhs.org.uk/hamptoncourt.

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