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The Garden Museum’s Noughticulture Talks

Alice Vincent. Picture; Giles Smith
Alice Vincent. Picture; Giles Smith

Ideal for new urban gardeners: March 27, April 3 and 10

Here’s a series of talks from my sort of gardener, Alice Vincent. She’s self-taught and is hosting three lectures at the Garden Museum, looking at aspects of urban gardening for a new generation.

With different guest speakers each week, the talks will cover growing to eat in small spaces, Instagram and the return of houseplants.

Alice is a journalist with a column in The Telegraph and brought out her first book, How to Grow Stuff: No Stress Gardening for Beginners, last year. She documents her growing adventures through Instagram and a newsletter under Noughticulture, Instagram.com/Noughticulture and tinyletter.com/Noughticulture.

Succulents. Picture; Alice Vincent
Succulents. Picture; Alice Vincent

Gardening approachable for all

Alice said: “It’s been such a pleasure to curate these talks for the lovingly revamped Garden Museum.

“I’ve really tried to champion the Museum’s dedication to making gardening approachable for all and decided to theme the talks around issues that have dominated my adventures in gardening.

“I’ve been lucky enough to convince some of the people I’ve found most horticulturally inspiring and encouraging over the past few years, and I can’t wait to hear what ideas and new things we’ll be exploring in these conversations.”

Growing to Eat in Small Spaces: Tuesday, March 27

Guest speakers are Claire Ratinon, an urban organic farmer in Hackney and Jack Wallington, garden designer and writer based in Clapham.

Gardeners with balconies or rooftops in cities the world over have proved that it is possible to grow to eat all year round. But how, and where to get started?

This talk will offer inspiring advice from those who have made ‘growing your own’ a reality and looks at what needs to be one to improve our urban growing spaces.

How Instagram revolutionised gardening: Tuesday, April 3

Guest speakers are Alex Hoyle, Instagram @kewplantsman and Jamie Song, Instagram @jamies_jungle.

Instagram has helped promote gardening as a lifestyle choice for the design-conscious. Alex and Jamie discuss the benefits, what have we learned, what does the future of gardening Instagram look like, and how can it expand gardening’s reach?

Microgreens. Picture; Alice Vincent

So houseplants are back – now what? Tuesday, April 10

Guest speakers are Jane Perrone, writer and creator of houseplant podcast On The Ledge and Catherine Horwood, social historian, author of Potted History and upcoming book Rose.

Houseplants are undergoing a revival, but what lies ahead for the new fascination with indoor plants? Jane and Catherine will be discussing how they made a return and what trends lie ahead.

Green tomatoes. Picture; Alice Vincent
Green tomatoes. Picture; Alice Vincent

Event information

All talks run from 7pm-8.30pm and tickets cost £10, or £5 for students and under-25s.
The Garden Museum, is based at Lambeth Palace Road, London, SE1 7LB, visit www.gardenmuseum.org.uk/events.

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