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5 key gardening jobs March 3-9

Greenhouse with added frosting
Greenhouse with added frosting

Obviously, what you can do is severely limited by snow-covered, frozen ground and the eventual waterlogging when it all melts. However, there are still jobs to do indoors…

1Sowing in propagators

Packed-out propagator – not this year, I’ve barely started

This is the start of the main sowing period (March-May) for a huge variety of hardy annuals, half-hardy annuals and vegetables. Try starting crops off in modules in a cold greenhouse or propagator. If in doubt, put it off!

2Chitting potatoes

Chitting potatoes in an egg box

Continue chitting early and maincrop potatoes.

3Sowing veg under glass

Rocket growing in used tomato bags

Sow seeds in modules/pots in an unheated greenhouse: broad beans, leeks, lettuce, rocket, coriander, peas and Swiss chard.

4Starting off tender crops

Tomato seedlings fill the big propagator, end of March

Sow sweet peppers, chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, celery and globe artichokes in a propagator.

5Onion sets in modules

Onion Rumba sets, March 2013

Plant onion sets in modular trays of compost, raising plants under cover to plant out later.

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