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New gardening trousers from Genus

New Everyday Trouser for women. Picture; Genus
New Everyday Trouser for women. Picture; Genus

Everyday Gardening Trouser at a cheaper price

I know a lot of people might baulk at paying £95 for a pair of trousers to garden in, but if you’re like me and are out in all weathers, do a little sum in your head.

How many pairs of cheaper trousers have you bought (even supposedly ‘outdoors’ pants), only to have them fall apart because they’re not fit for purpose?

Add the cost of them together and I bet it is a similar total (or more than) these new trousers which actually work.

Extended size range

Designed for women, the new Everyday Gardening Trouser has the essential features of Genus’ 3-Season trouser, but in a simpler design and a lower price – and they also come in an extended size range up to 22.

They’re technical trousers, not a flimsy fashion item, with adjustable, waterproof padded knees, stab-proof pocket for secateurs or knives, a raised back waistband (heaven – no more gardener’s bum) and an array of pockets.

The fabric is showerproof, quick-drying and thorn-resistant and the relaxed fit is stylish and flattering.

More affordable trouser

Genus managing director Sue O’Neil said: “We realised that there are many gardeners who are on a tight budget but still want and need, the benefits that Genus trousers offer.

“We designed a more affordable trouser that still makes gardening much easier and more comfortable and at the same time, to be more inclusive, we extended the size range up to size 22.”

A pair costs £95 in UK sizes 8-22, available with free delivery from https://www.genus.gs/women/everyday-gardening-trouser-for-women.html.

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