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Garden Press Event 2018: new products

Backdoor Store. Picture; The Posh Shed Company
Backdoor Store. Picture; The Posh Shed Company

Wilkinson Sword, Town and Country and The Posh Shed Company’s new offerings

Last week was the Garden Press Event in London when the latest products were unveiled to gardening journalists. Here is the first part in a series highlighting shiny new things for 2018:

Scissor range

Wilkinson Sword has eight new scissors, with four ranges, each with an All Purpose and Kitchen scissor. Choose from Everyday (£7.99), Classic (£12.99), PRO-Blade®(14.99) and X-Blade® (£16.99).

The Everyday scissors have stainless steel blades, with the All Purpose straight blade ideal for general cutting, and the serrated kitchen blade perfect for kitchen use, and left and right-handed users with soft feel grips.

The Classic scissors have 23cm (9”), high-quality stainless steel blades, in both straight and serrated.

The PRO-Blade® range has 23cm (9”) superior stainless steel blades, the Kitchen scissors with serrated blades, and a notch for bones and tough stems. The 20cm (8”) blades have the same soft-grip, contoured handles as the All Purpose version.

The X-Blade® has high carbon steel blades with a non-stick coating and 23cm (9”) blades on the All Purpose Scissors and 20cm (8”) precision serrated blades on the Kitchen Scissors. All carry the Wilkinson Sword 10-year guarantee.

Lightweight shears

Also new are the Ultralight Shaping Shears (£24.99), weighing just 470gm, with a 150mm long, precision ground blade.

The compact 450mm overall length ensures greater control when shaping and trimming, aided by the lightweight aluminium handles with non-slip comfort grips. They’re ideal if you have trouble using normal weight tools.

Also available are the Ultralight Hedge Shears (£29.99) and Ultralight Bypass Loppers (£29.99), all available to buy from www.wilkinsonsword-tools.co.uk.

Ultralight Shaping Shears. Picture; Wilkinson Sword
Ultralight Shaping Shears. Picture; Wilkinson Sword

Bright colours for Town and Country

Town and Country, specialists in gloves and footwear, displayed products from its Captivating Colours collection, with the addition of purple, teal and pink.

One of the ranges to get the treatment is the Bamboo Glove (£4.99), great for the environmentally conscious gardener. The natural bamboo fibres are luxuriously soft, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. The latex coating on the palms and fingers offers full dexterity and grip, whilst protecting from thorns and brambles.

Also part of the Captivating Colours collection is the Ultimax Glove (£15.99), designed to offer an extremely close fit, unequalled dexterity and exceptional durability, www.townandco.com.

Back-door stores and bird boxes

The Posh Shed Company has unveiled a limited-edition design of its bird box, featuring a larger 32mm hole to encourage larger birds such as house sparrows, great tits, the nuthatch and the lesser spotted woodpecker.

The Posh Bird Box is made from high-quality redwood timber with a removable cedar shingle roof for easy cleaning, available in six colours, price £26 including p&p.

A new range of Back-Door Stores solves a storage problem if you don’t have room for a full shed. Designed to fit against a wall, there are two single and two double stores, available with pent or apex roof, plus two Boot Stores, the Contemporary and Gothic.

Backdoor Store. Picture; The Posh Shed Company
Backdoor Store. Picture; The Posh Shed Company

Each mini-shed is made from pre-treated tanalised timber that is guaranteed against rot for 10 years, with a raised solid decking floor to prevent damp and cedar shingle roofs with waterproof membranes.

Price start from £160 (including delivery) for the Contemporary Boot Store without doors, visit www.theposhshedcompany.co.uk.

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