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International Women’s Day: raising cash for breast cancer

10 per cent of sales of these products go to Breast Cancer Now. Picture; Town & Country
10 per cent of sales of these products go to Breast Cancer Now. Picture; Town & Country

10 per cent of product sales go to Breast Cancer Now

It seems very fitting to highlight this on International Women’s Day – Town & Country has announced it will be donating a percentage of sales from three new products to Breast Cancer Now.

The UK’s largest breast cancer charity will receive 10 per cent from limited edition specially designed pink gloves, secateurs and a gardening pouch.

Gardening is ideal exercise – 20-25 minutes every day, or 150 minutes of moderate physical activity, can help reduce your risk of breast cancer, according to experts.

More than 50,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer each year – that’s one in eight women.

Reduce risk of breast cancer with exercise

Head of public health and information at Breast Cancer Now, Eluned Hughes, said: “Twenty or twenty-five minutes of daily physical activity can reduce your risk of breast cancer and we know that this can include structured exercise as well as other everyday activities, such as gardening.

“Any activity that makes you warmer, breathe harder and makes your heart beat faster counts so we would encourage women across the UK to get out and about in their garden this spring and summer.”

The gloves (£4.99) are part of Town & Country’s bamboo range, made of naturally breathable fibres. The material is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial so is perfect for gardeners with sensitive skin.

With a latex coating, these gloves offer additional protection against thorns, and the fitted wrists ensure dexterity is still paramount.

Secateurs, gardening pouch and gloves

The bypass secateurs (£7.99) have a pink cushioned, soft-grip handle and built-in safety catch, making them easy to use, even when wearing gloves, perfect for light pruning. The chrome-plated carbon steel blades can cut branches up to 2cm thick.

Finally, the gardening pouch (£12.99), in a contemporary floral design in pink and white, helps to keep tools, gloves and accessories close by.

With an extendable strap, the pouch can be clipped around the waist or hung from the shoulder. It has three pockets and the eyelet in the front pocket holds twine.

For further information about Breast Cancer Now, visit www.breastcancernow.org and to find out about the new products visit www.townandco.com.

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