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Save bees: donate to free seeds campaign

Lovely bee on lavender
Lovely bee on lavender

38 Degrees aims to send free pollinator-friendly seeds all over the UK

Want to help protect our bees? Well, thanks to a campaign by 38 Degrees*, you can.

Wild meadows and flowers bees feed on are disappearing fast, putting our bees at risk.

During the last few decades, the UK has lost 97 per cent of its wildflower meadows, making food scarce for our bees.

If gardeners come together to plant flower seeds this spring, we can ensure a harvest of flowers to help bees survive and thrive.

Perennial cornflower with attendant wildlife
Perennial cornflower with attendant wildlife

Free seeds

The plan by 38 Degrees is to send hundreds of thousands of bee-friendly flower seeds to people in the UK during the next three weeks.

However, it costs £3 to buy each seed packet and post them out. Donating as little as £3 means that someone who might not ordinarily grow plants takes his or her first steps into saving the environment.

You can make secure donations on the 38 Degrees website and sign up for seeds at the same time.

Even if you can’t chip in, once the money has been raised, another email will be sent around giving everyone a chance to sign up for seeds.

Bees on lavender
Bees on lavender

Ban on pesticides

Last spring, more than 50,000 38 Degrees members took part in a similar scheme.

In November, Environment Secretary Michael Gove announced the UK would back a permanent ban on toxic pesticides which kill bees, following years of campaigning, but bee numbers are falling and their habitat is still threatened.

*38 Degrees is a campaign group where ordinary people can raise issues and petitions. The name comes from the angle at which a pile of snowflakes becomes an avalanche. When enough gather in the right place, they become an unstoppable force.

For more information, visit the 38 Degrees site here.

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