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5 key gardening jobs March 10-16

Sorbaria's March plumage
Sorbaria's March plumage

1Divide herbaceous perennials

Shasta daisy Aglaia

Divide clumps of herbaceous perennials that you want to propagate, those that have become too large for their allotted space, and those that are flowering poorly or have lost their shape.

2Prune elder

Sambucus Black Elder in May

Prune out old stems of elder (Sambucus) to promote new growth from the base.



3Make runner bean supports and trenches

Me and my runner bean poles, made from Phormium flower stems

Start preparing runner bean supports and trenches for sowing (in May) or planting out (in June).

4Divide hostas

Hosta before bud break

Divide hostas before they come into leaf.

5Seeds to sow now

Tomatoes in the propagator

Sow seeds in modules/pots in an unheated greenhouse: broad beansleekslettuce, rocket, coriander, peas and Swiss chard. Sow sweet peppers, chilliestomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, celery and globe artichokes in a propagator.


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