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Newby Hall Gardens: border flower power!

Huge double border at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire. Picture; Newby Hall
Huge double border at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire. Picture; Newby Hall

Year of the Border marked in North Yorkshire garden

Newby Hall Gardens will be marking the Year of the Border as its famous double herbaceous border – one of the longest in the country – reaches maturity.

The 172-metre-long border, containing about 6,500 plants, has been a highlight of Newby’s 25-acre gardens since the 1920s.

Five years ago, refurbishment work began and thousands of new plants were propagated and planted up in a new, more naturalistic design by Newby’s expert team.

Star plants in the two-metre-deep border include Agapanthus, Aster, Campanula, Eryngium, Iris, Persicaria, Salvia, Sedums and Veronicastrum.

Double border at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire. Picture; Newby Hall
Double border at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire. Picture; Newby Hall

Pastels offset with magenta and lime

Drifts of softer pastels will be strengthened by vibrant lilacs, magenta pink, lime green, claret and silver, all colours reflected in the trees beyond.

Architectural plants will contrast with the more traditional cottage garden favourites to give a full season of colour and interest.

The scale of the border means that staking the plants in the spring takes three days and cutting it back in the autumn takes more than a fortnight.

Newby Hall Gardens, near Ripon, is one of the country’s most important and beautiful 20th-century gardens, with 14 ‘rooms’ within the main, formal garden, including an early 20th-century rock garden, white garden, traditional rose garden and even a ‘hot’ tropical garden.

Huge double border at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire. Picture; Newby Hall
The border at Newby Hall, North Yorkshire in September 2017. Picture; Newby Hall

This year at Newby will also see:

  • Chippendale 300: Newby has one of the largest and most complete collections of Thomas Chippendale furniture and décor in the country. To celebrate the tercentenary of his birth, a larger than life replica of a Chippendale chair will be in the garden.
  • Lauren Child exhibition and woodland trail: featuring the work of the Children’s Laureate.
  • Silent Space: Sylvia’s Garden will be the regular silent space; throughout the year other quiet areas will also be flagged to visitors.
  • Riverboat trips: Down the River Ure and rides on the Newby Hall Miniature Railway.
  • Events calendar: Easter Family Fun Days, Italian Cars and Bikes Rally, Tractor Fest 2018 and an outdoor performance of The Tempest by the Lord Chamberlain’s Men.

Newby is also home to the National Collection of Cornus (Dogwoods), a New World Salvia collection, as well as one of the most historic and diverse orchards in the North of England, planted in 1897.

For more information, visit http://www.newbyhall.com/.

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