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Early daffodils battle through

Daffodil Tete a Tete
Daffodil Tete a Tete

Tete a Tete’s three weeks’ later than usual flowering time

‘Better late than never’ looks like the gardening phrase of the year in 2018.

We’ve had an unusually wet, cold winter with more snow since at least 2012 (and judging by the weekend weather forecast, we’re in for more).

Early-flowering mini daffodil Tete a Tete is always a good indicator of how bad the winter’s been – and as you can see by these photos, it’s three weeks’ later than last year.

Daffodil Tete a Tete flowering date - March 13, 2018
Daffodil Tete a Tete flowering date – March 13, 2018

Bulbs that flower early are a sure lift to the spirits and one that I intend to plant more of in autumn.

These are on my wishlist:

Early Sensation: (30cm) One of the earliest trumpet daffodils to flower. In mild winters, or in sheltered gardens, it can be in bloom in late December or early January, often producing blooms before the foliage has had a chance to reach its full height.

February Gold: (under 30cm) Graceful, ideal for naturalising. Golden-yellow flowers are long-lasting, blooming at Kew from late January through to early March.

Very early flowering daffodil Tete a Tete
Very early flowering daffodil Tete a Tete – February 22, 2017

Jetfire: (20cm) Usually in bloom by early March – very weather and wind resistant with bright yellow, slightly reflexed petals and a glowing orange trumpet.

Spring Dawn: (25cm) Bi-coloured blooms that flower as early as January, with a large soft lemon cup, surrounded by a creamy white perianth.

For more on perfumed daffodils, follow the link to my spring bulbs page.


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